Martina Ledermann was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1968. She completed an apprenticeship as a stenography secretary and obtained her Abitur (high school diploma) via the second educational path. In the meantime, the video artist was active in the local council in Frankfurt am Main for several years. Afterwards she studied pedagogics and Slavic languages at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University from 1992 to 2000.

Martina Ledermann has been interested in art and media design for her many decades. She obtained a certificate as a graphic designer and completed numerous courses in the field of art and media design. Occasionally she also works as a translator for English and Czech languages. She sells her artistic and graphic works at well-known microstock agencies such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Dreamstime. She has drawn and painted more than 1 000 digital and analogue artworks. For several years she has been offering videos on Pond5.

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Pavel Kerbic

Pavel Kerbic was born in 1975 in Nymburk (Czech Republic) and lived with his family in the small town of Podebrady. Years later he lived in Prague for some time until he moved to Germany to his wife, Martina Ledermann.


Pavel Kerbic is technically very skilled. He completed his education as an electromechanic with special distinction. In the early years in Germany he managed a PC service until he acquired a certificate as a CISCO network administrator in 2021. Pavel Kerbic advises his wife on technical issues, checks the quality of videos and also offers his own videos on Pond5 since 2019.

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