My Service:

Send a love message, a holiday greeting or a thank you message to a lovely person. The best gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and other events. Please watch the video.

If you want such a video, you can purchase your personal video for EUR 39,00. 100 % descretion.

How it works:

  • You record a video from yourself, you can speak a message to the person and you choose a word for the text in the video (max. 2 words or the words „I love you“). The content is completely up to you.
  • If you want a sound file added, then please license a legal sound file. You can find free sound files on freesound.org. Please choose only sound files with a CC-0-license or buy one.
  • Then you upload this video on a transfer platform, for e. g. Google Drive or another and you send me the video link to kontakt@video-garden.de
  • Then you send me the amount of EUR 35,00 to my PayPal account martinaledermann@gmail.com
  • If I have received the amount, I start working on your video.
  • After your video is finished I send you the download link from Google Drive.
  • After you have downloaded the video and agree with it, I delete your video on Google Drive. There are no copies of your video. 100 % descretion.




Here on video garden you can find some of the videos we sell on Pond5 as low resolution GIF animations. We will be very happy if you visit our profiles on Pond5 so you can discover all our videos. Here are our profile links:


If you have a question or would like to provide feedback, please write to: martinaledermann@gmail.com

We speak English, German and Czech.


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